Spa Facial

During this treatment you will comfortably lay slightly elevated on the massage table. Each facial will start with a deep cleanse & exfoliation of the skin. Extractions of blackheads are optional. A short facial massage and mask are then applied. Ending by giving the skin nourishment and hydration. Hot towels, steam, high frequency unit and galvanic currents are used to soften & cleanse the skin. This treatment is good for those with dry or aging skin, congested pores or acne, or just anyone who is looking for some refreshment. I use a professional product line, Dermalogica (subject to change without warning.)

60mins = $80.00


(Prices may vary depending on duration and size of area being waxed)

Eyebrow    $10
Lip            $8
Chin          $8
Cheek        $8
Underarm   $15
Half Arm   $15
Full Arm   $25
Half Leg   $20
Full Leg    $40
Bikini       $30
Back        $40
Chest       $20

Waxing Packages:  

Eye, Lip, Cheek and Chin  $30